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What My Clients Say

Dear Jeff,  Both Saadia and I thank you and the Eklund Gomes team so much for your help with selling our home. Your professionalism and wonderful demeanor made the process one we will never forget. I also would like to extend our appreciation for being patient with us. Jeff, you exceeded our expectations, and your insight was extremely valuable, I don't think we could have done this without you. It has been a delight to work with you, many thanks again for a job well done!

The Shanklin's

There aren't enough good things I could say about having Jeff Burke as my realtor. In Austin, there are a lot of choices I could have made for someone to represent me, and Jeff was the ultimate perfect selection. I ended up choosing a new build, and his knowledge in construction filled in gaps in knowledge I clearly did not have. He stopped by the property on his own and checked on the progress. He flagged things and made notes I wouldn't have known to make. He knew when to press and knew when to stand down. He was my ultimate advocate during an incredibly stressful period of my life. Not to mention, he's STILL helping me work through make-goods on my property almost 7 months later. He didn't just take his commission check and run after closing. Jeff answered all of my calls and responded to my (at times) chaotic and nonsense texts with kindness and honesty. He told me when I was in the right, but even more importantly, he told me when I was in the wrong. If you're buying a property in Austin, Jeff and his team are the sidekicks you don't just need but MUST HAVE on your team. You won't regret it.


My husband and I couldn’t recommend The Eklund Gomes Team, particularly Jeff and Kristen, highly enough. Jeff and Kristen are extremely knowledgeable, proactive, responsive, and simply a joy to work with. We feel very fortunate to have found them and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Viola K.

I can't say enough great things about The Eklund Gomes Team, Kristen, and Jeff. We had a fast turnaround time to find a house and they were ready to do whatever it would take. We were relocating from another state and had one day to see houses. Luckily we found one we loved and they pretty much did the rest remotely. They were extremely knowledgeable about the industry, and the area, and kept us informed every step along the way. On top of it all they have great sense of humor, are down-to-earth people, and you can truly feel like a little part of their family during the process. We are so grateful to have connected with them!

Kate Q.

Jeff and Kristen with The Eklund Gomes Team at Douglas Elliman are straight up the best Realtor Team I could have wished for. They were both professional, fast to respond, knowledgeable about the market, and able to gain up-to-date insight in a very uncertain market. I bought an older home at the peak of the Spring 2021 frenzy, then 2 months later had to move out of State leaving me a daunting effort to recover my investment. Although I did many meaningful upgrades during that time it was still a hands-on project to manage it through the months of the time it stayed on the market until the final sale. In fact, the initial listing for me was carried by an Agent that could not make seasoned decisions and was let go. Kristen and Jeff lifted my home value to its best market price even after the most inopportune events unfolded. Also, Jeff and Kristen are Building Contractors and made crucial improvements to the property that were essential to ongoing adjustments that were needed during the sell cycle. As I was already out of the State, this was an enormous benefit to have them take this project on through to the end. Their Stager had tasteful, Smart looking-well chosen decor that gave the home the optimum look it deserved and was very well received. Thank you All, I couldn't have done it without you! and I'm very grateful for your Team Effort to get my property at its best value through to the finish line! Thank You!!

Catherine M.

From our first conversation, Kristen and Jeff were incredible. They quickly analyzed the market on a property I wanted to sell and we had multiple above ask cash offers within days of listing it! They are forever my go-to real estate experts in Austin.

Alfred S. 

We were referred to Kristen and Jeff by a family who gave them high praise. So our journey with them began about a year and a half ago and ended last week with a very successful close. They were remarkably responsive, seasoned advisors and partners over this entire time as we addressed major repairs on the home and the interesting challenges during the sale.  A true pleasure to work with, can’t wait to work with them again!

Gregory C. 

Kristen is an asset to any transaction. She exceeds the definition of a true real estate professional. I intend to use her services in the future, as well as refer my closest friends and family to her team in Austin. She sold my home without even going to market and made the transaction a breeze.

Ryan W.

I bought my house with Kristen years ago and recently sold that same house with Jeff and Kristen. They are absolute professionals and a joy to work with. I could not recommend them enough. They care about the details. They have an awesome network of other professionals and can call on other resources that I found super useful. They not only accommodated my specific needs and requests very thoughtfully, they also knew when to suggest I reconsider some choices. I am extremely grateful that they did as it led to a quick and profitable sale. These guys know what they are doing.

Kyle C. 

Jeff was awesome, truly!  I met Jeff a couple of years ago when I had a contract on a new build with another realtor.  In the process of going through that, there were issues with the new build that we couldn't agree upon and my realtor had moved to a different city.  Jeff advised me and supported me in what my next steps were, spending hours and hours talking to me and giving me direction.  There was nothing in it for him, I was in a contract with another realtor who because of living in a different city and the issues we were having it became difficult.  We ended up having to walk away from the new build but started our search about a year later with Jeff and Kristen now as our realtors.  They are both awesome!  Due to Covoid and my 83-year-old mom living with me, I had to take every precaution possible and they made it really easy for me… We ended up closing on a wonderful place and would not have been able to do any of this without Jeff Burke and Kristen Fojtik.  I can't recommend them enough.  I will always be grateful to both.

Ilene L.

Kristen and Jeff are real pros in every sense of the word. We’ll be calling on them again. Until then, we’ll send friends to them.

Tim C. N. 

Jeff and Kristen were great and very patient with us. Having purchased six houses over the years, we are cautious. Jeff and Kristen kept in constant contact, even during odd hours. We put three houses under contract, the first two of which were canceled after inspections. Jeff’s construction experience saved us from a latent and costly mold disaster on the 2nd house. They have a great network of trade persons and inspectors who made things much easier before and after closing. Kristen even did a Facetime final walk-through with us the night before closing.

Chris G. 

Kristen and Jeff were amazing throughout the whole process. The combination of knowledge about Austin’s real estate market, years of experience in the industry, and understanding of home construction enabled a seamless pleasant experience. We were in a time crunch to sell our current place; their contacts/relationships enabled us to sell our house over a weekend with multiple offers. They sifted through and got us the strongest offer/buyer. They also secured us the house we’re moving into even with multiple offers. We can’t thank them enough, and will be using them in the future!

Jesse B.

Responsive, and helpful, would highly recommend them.

Michael P. 

Jeff and Kristen were great to work with! They were very responsive and helpful in answering all of our questions. As first-time homebuyers, they guided us through every step of the negotiation and buying process.

B. L.

Working with Kristen and Jeff through this process was so easy, and we are thrilled with the results. They certainly exceeded our expectations! We'll definitely keep them in our contact list...they're part of our network now. :)

Roslyn E.

Jeff was such a good Realtor. He knows his stuff, that's for sure. Jeff is very detail-oriented, very prepared, and very professional. He and Kristen made this process extremely easy and painless. One thing I really appreciate about Jeff is his approachability and ease; he answered all of my questions promptly and respectfully and was just super easy to work with. And always available.

Cindy L.

Kristen is the best! She guided us through our first home-buying experience. She listened to what we wanted, fought for us, and ultimately helped us buy a home that is perfect for us. Wouldn't want to buy a house with anyone but her. Thank you, Kristen!!

Audrey S.

It was a pleasure working with Jeff Burke. He went above and beyond throughout the entire process. Darryl and I highly recommend him! Never once did we feel pressured to purchase a home. He helped us think through every issue or concern. He arranged to meet with inspectors and contractors and probably knows more about this house than we do. We have bought and sold homes in the past and wish that every agent was like Jeff.

Heather B.


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