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FBG Listing Process

FBG Listing Process diagram

Sometimes the process of buying a new home feels BROKEN! In order to make a winning offer on the house of your dreams, you need to sell your home first. This can be very stressful! It creates anxiety and inconvenience. You might even ask yourself "Where will I go until I find the right house?"At Realty Austin, we have the answer. Using Cash Bridge, we provide you with a way to buy the perfect home before needing to sell the one you live in. It's simple!

Make an offer that's 3x more likely to win

In competitive markets, some offers are stronger, like all-cash offers, which are 3x more likely to beat financed offers. 

Buy with certainty

Rest assured you can sell your home on the public market for the highest price while knowing you have a guaranteed offer to purchase it at an agreed price.

Move when you’re ready

Don't get rushed out of your home or pay two mortgages at once. Move when it makes sense for you: you can even skip the showings by moving out before you list.

Work with Austin's best agents

Realty Austin agents know the local market and are consistently ranked among the best in Austin. Our buy-first program is a calmer, more convenient way to purchase a home.

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